Drawbacks Of Gambling

Gambling: Gambling is no doubt a very common social evil practiced in todays era. Let us understand initially what does gambling refer to? The literal meaning of gambling is exposing to risk money or valuable items in the hope of gaining more than what is already staked for the same. In other words, gambling is the act of investing more to gain more. Moreover, to have a wide knowledge of the same, lets consider some prominent forms of gambling which are illustrated as follows:-

Kinds of Gambling:

1.Legalized Gambling2.Illegalized Gambling3.Online Gambling4.Sports Gambling

Now to have a better understanding of every single form of gambling, we need to have a look on the context of every single form.

1.Legalized Gambling: Legalized gambling is the kind of gambling which is considered lawful to an extent. 2.Illegalized Gambling: Illegalized gambling refers to the act of betting illegally. It often happens that a combination of individuals utilize the free promotion of state lotteries to gamble. 3.Online Gambling: The process of online gambling includes the usage of a shared electronic interface wherein two or more persons dont need to meet and the specified game can be played and is displayed on the users computer screen while he is playing. Online casino websites have mushroomed in hordes over the last few years. 4.Sports Gambling: The following are the sub headers of sports gambling :LottoTabHousieRaffles andCasino Unfavorable Consequences of Gambling: There are innumerous shortcomings of gambling. People unscrupulously involve in gambling in the greed of making more and more money as there is no labor associated with it and this is the shortest key for making more money by risking less of it. It is a bad social practice which ruins the family as a whole as the family members may start hating the person who is gambling in the family due to his negligence and this core problem can give rise to the destruction of the whole family which could shatter their lives, their aspirations, dreams and almost everything. A problem gambler has nothing to do with worldly affairs and is not even concerned for the family members. He ends up failing to realize that he himself is inviting disaster on his own as one can win several times but not always and the same will not help him to earn a living as well.

The addiction of gambling is so enormous that once accustomed to it, all the savings become negligible as the person is not always winning in the same. People start becoming bankrupt and the rich becomes poor day by day. In fact, the money saved up for important future necessities and calamities, people end up emptying out the same for his simple concern of more monetary gains. As a matter of fact, the person heavily involved in gambling finds himself ending up with huge debts messed up.

It even hampers ones academic growth and career which shatters your life completely. Students who are addicted to gambling are so much concerned and worried for the same that they start playing with their careers and lives knowingly or unknowingly. They bunk classes, whenever they sit to study, their mind gets diverted, thus leading to giving up studies and getting inclined towards the addiction of gambling and taking it up as a profession due to which there is a decline in the performance graph. But if there is a failure by chance in the profession that is of gambling which is opted by todays youth then he is left with no other alternative than to repent on his own decision for wasting up his entire career, money and last but not the least, precious time which could be utilized in more creative and productive works. It wont be impossible but yes he would have to invested a lot time, labor and much more to make his career a success as he has already wasted a lot of these.

Gambling also leads to mental and physical ailments. The people, who have already wasted much of their savings and wealth in gambling, end up developing sleeping and eating disorders due to several worries of paying off debts and the loan sharks chasing them for their money they find themselves helpless in developing themselves due to lack of proper diet and slumber. Students end up giving up their studies, thus ruining their career and the same are even compelled to commit suicide due to inability to pay off debts.

People develop illnesses like hypertension, high blood pressure, dejection, despair and they always stay in a pensive mood, brooding over the insult to their dignity and prestige and repenting for it for the rest of their lives which lead to family destruction as well. Persons become addicted to alcohol and unnecessary intoxications which ruin their families, their own lives and the lives of their family members as well. The basic problem associated with gambling is that it is a situation wherein a person cant help betting more and more money hoping to win more than what is risked. In his hope and urge to win more and more, the person fails to realize that he will have to gamble at the cost of all his possessions whether living or non-living. It also declines ones morale due to which he is more concerned for the importance of wealth. It is rather an unjust mean to earn money for here luck works wonders and also finishes you off. People commit theft and robbery for paying off debts and are more inclined towards alleged doings. Gambling pollutes moral values like discipline, hard work, truth, faith in God and demoralizes our ethics. It demotivates a person from doing labor and enjoying its sweet fruit as these days gambling has become a short and sweet mode of earning a living easily provided to make fortune for you. It enhances evils like greediness and selfishness. The gambler thinks only about him and of making more wealth and does not care for general welfare. It is an open invitation to corruption in the society. Hence, the process of eliminating the same should be at work at a greater speed.

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