US Interior Department approves Willow oil project in Alaska

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 A BLM map showing the land grant. Image: Bureau of Land Management. The US Department of the Interior approved ConocoPhillips’ Willow oil drill proposal in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve–Alaska (NPR–A) on March 13. The Department revoked leases of 68,000 acres (275 square kilometers) of land within the Bear Tooth Unit, in the northeast […]

Iranian International Master Dorsa Derakhshani discusses her chess career with Wikinews

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Dorsa Derakhshani in Baku, 2017 (Image: Gibraltar Chess Festival) In February 2017, the Iranian Chess Federation announced two teenage chess players, Dorsa Derakhshani and her younger brother Borna Derakhshani, were banned from representing the national team. The federation announced their decision although Dorsa Derakhshani had previously decided and informed the chess […]

Interview with Tony Ciufo, City Council candidate for Ward 10 in Mississauga, Canada

Friday, September 22, 2006 Candidate Tony Ciufo. The upcoming 2006 Mississauga municipal election, to be held November 13, features an array of candidates looking to represent their wards in city council. Wikinews contributor Nicholas Moreau has contacted as many candidates as possible, including Tony Ciufo, asking them to answer common questions sent in an email. […]

Hair Transplant Myths Answered

Read An Opinion On: Dr Ben Paul Submitted by: Dr Andrew Kim Sometimes we go into or move away from something without really any valid reasons why. We immediately believe on what we hear, without any proven fact to support it. This is why I deemed it fit to debunk any myths that are going […]

Bush’s Iraq ‘Strategy’ seen as public relations exercise

Sunday, December 4, 2005 The US commander of the Multinational Security Transition Command in Iraq said that he had no knowledge of the National Strategy for Victory in Iraq document released by the US President. This, along with speculation that the document was chiefly authored by a public opinion analyst recruited by the White House […]

Tornado strikes London, injuring six

Thursday, December 7, 2006 A tornado has struck Kensal Green in North West London. Up to 150 houses have been damaged, and six people were injured, one seriously. Residential roads were closed off, but most have now been re-opened. Residents have had to seek temporary accommodation. Traffic was also diverted causing disruption but has now […]

Procedures Performed By An Oral Surgeon In Effingham, Il

Read An Opinion On: Cheek Fat byAlma Abell When most people think of an oral surgeon, they usually envision a hospital operating room and heavy amounts of anesthesia. But usually, many of the procedures that are performed by oral surgeons are done in the dentist’s office. The following are a few common procedures performed by […]

Western Sydney rallies against government’s workplace reforms

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 Wikinews Australia has in-depth coverage of this issue: Australian industrial relations legislation, 2005 According to initial estimates by New South Wales police and unions, 30,000 people have rallied at Blacktown Showground in Western Sydney to protest the federal government’s Workchoices workplace reforms. Organisers had expected around 15,000 protesters to attend. The […]

Drone delivers transfusion blood intact

Thursday, December 8, 2016 In findings announced yesterday, scientists from Johns Hopkins University took ordinary commercial drones, swapped out their cameras for coolers and packed them with human plasma, platelets and blood cells. The drones were found to deliver their cargo in usable condition after flights lasting almost half an hour, at distances of up […]

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