The Benefits Of Botox

The Benefits Of Botox


Jessica Morgan

Everyone wants to feel their best and be the most confident they can be. Clothes, makeup and style can only take you so far. You feel like a strong, capable, intelligent person. You feel like you can conquer the world. But, let s face it, your appearance doesn t reflect that. Life has taken its toll on your face. It has made you look tired and worn out. Why shouldn t the outer you reflect the inner?

Many believe plastic surgery is the only option to reach the goals they desire. However, plastic surgery is not an appealing option for many people. Even the very idea of going under the knife makes them cringe. Also, recovery time is often not an option. For today s busy person, Botox may be the answer. There are many benefits to Botox that make it an appealing option for the modern man or woman.

Botox can have positive effects on multiple parts of the face. When injected around the eyes, it causes the muscles responsible for creating crow s feet to weaken. This can diminish or even eliminate these wrinkles. When injected into the forehead, it can reduce or remove lines. Possibly the most dramatic difference is an injection between the eyebrows. This can actually make you appear more pleasant and likable instead of moody and cynical.


An interesting effect of injection in the jaw line is in patients who have overly large jaw muscles. This is when the muscles for chewing are overly developed. Injections here can make the muscles appear smaller and therefore give a more oval shape to the face. This can make one appear softer, more feminine and less aggressive.

These are just a few of the possibilities with Botox. You can reach many of the same goals as plastic surgery yet without going under the knife. Plastic surgery is invasive. Therefore, as with any surgery, you have risk of infection. It also means, you have a recovery time. This can be a length of time where you often have to deal with being uncomfortable, limiting your activities, and being in pain. Plastic surgery can also be very expensive. Also, the results are permanent. If you don t like how your surgery turned out, you must go under again or learn to live with your new face. Also, the results of plastic surgery are often more obvious.

Botox can make you look younger, fresher and more upbeat and lively. It can do this just in one outpatient treatment. There are no invasive procedures, no anesthesia, and no long recovery time. Also, since the results are not permanent you don t have to commit to any drastic changes in your appearance.

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